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The Tri Service provides online coaching for individuals and groups. We also provide 1 to 1 coaching in all 3 disciplines.

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Training Camps

From single day open water training sessions to 7 day training camps we can help you iron out those issues that are stopping you recording your Personal Best

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Bike Maintenance

A well serviced bike is a fast and safe bike! Let our fully qualified bike mechanic ensure your bike is not slowing you down and stops when you want it to.

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Physiotherapy & Nutrition

Our qualified Physio can provide you with sports massage and injury preventative treatment, while our Nutritionist can give you fantastic diet advice

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Swim Video Analysis

Swimming is the most technical of the 3 disciplines of triathlon! Find out the quickest way to improve your swimming now.

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Lower limb tendinopathies

Following a recent competitive triathlete coming to the clinic with what he described as ‘runners knee’ covering the topic of lower limb tendinopathies seemed relevant. What is tendinopathies? Tendons attach muscle to bone. Hence the common tendons in the lower limb that may develop tendinopathy are: patella tendon, Achilles tendon, gluteal tendon and the plantar […]