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Lower limb tendinopathies

Following a recent competitive triathlete coming to the clinic with what he described as ‘runners knee’ covering the topic of lower limb tendinopathies seemed relevant. What is tendinopathies? Tendons attach muscle to bone. Hence the common tendons in the lower limb that may develop tendinopathy are: patella tendon, Achilles tendon, gluteal tendon and the plantar […]

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Gut Issues During Endurance Exercise

The gut and the rest of the body are somewhat at odds during endurance exercise, with quote by Bill Rogers stating that “more marathons are won or lost in the porta-toilets than at the dinner table”. 30-50% of athletes report suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms, increasing to around 90% in elite athletes. Prevalence of symptoms is […]

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Knee injuries: joint cartilage injuries are not to be missed

The dreaded knee injury: when the patient reports a slip, twist or tackle and they hear a pop or crack followed by pain and difficultly walking and moving the knee. Thankfully these incidences are rare. However, accurate assessment and diagnosis are key to the successful recovery from such an injury because delayed or misdiagnosis can […]

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Healthy Eating over the Christmas Period

Christmas and the New Year can be a challenging time for maintaining fitness, with long cold nights hampering motivation to train, and excesses of food and drink helping to pile on the pounds. But not all food at this time of year is bad news for fitness, with plenty of nutritious Christmassy options on offer. […]

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Omega 3 fats and endurance exercise: Do we need to supplement?

Omega 3 fats are frequently in nutrition and health news with a wealth of research to support their importance for cardiovascular research, and for improving symptoms in rheumatoid arthritis. There is growing evidence for their use in other chronic conditions such as asthma and ADHD. Athletes also commonly increase omega 3 intake to improve body […]

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Muscle injury: Strained, pulled, torn….what does it all mean

Ultimately whether you call it a ‘strain’, ‘pull’ or ‘tear’ it all means the same thing, a percentage of muscle fibres have been damaged either from over-stretching or over-tightening and less commonly direct trauma (contact / kick to the muscle). Physiotherapists can grade your muscle strain from the symptoms reported and through assessment. This then […]

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Goal Setting and Planning

Setting goals is paramount to your success in anything in life. Nowhere is this more true than in planning your triathlon season! Your goal may be to complete your first sprint triathlon, or qualify for the Ironman Championships in Hawaii. But without planning how you are going to get there you will end up disappointed, […]

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Overtraining syndrome and the stress hormone response

‘No pain no gain’ is a common mantra among fitness enthusiasts and athletes, and certainly overload is a necessary component of any progressive training programme. However, excessive high intensity or long duration training schedules without proper attention to good nutrition and adequate rest can be counterproductive, leading to overtraining syndrome (OTS). If you are experiencing […]

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Importance of fruit and vegetables for exercise performance

Many people who are committed to sports, exercise and strength training sometimes do not understand the importance of eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. These foods can impact endurance, performance and stamina. Many people understand the importance of protein, carbohydrates and fat, but pay little attention to the importance of micronutrients found in […]

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