Good nutrition is essential for athletes of any level to optimise health, training and recovery, and avoid illness and injury. At Dart Nutrition we believe that a good foundation of health is essential to be able to sustain peak athletic performance. We then identify individual training requirements to create personalised nutritional programmes with strategies to optimise energy production, hydration, body composition and immune function and reduce inflammation that impairs recovery from training and injury. The focus is on obtaining a nutrient dense diet from high quality foods, although supplements may be also be recommended where necessary. Functional testing may also be used if underlying imbalances or nutritional insufficiencies in the body are suspected.

We identify your individual training requirements, encompassing the following areas:

  • Enhancing energy production through adequate balance of carbohydrates, fats, proteins and micronutrients
  • Optimise hydration strategies by assessing individual fluid and electrolyte requirements, and also optimal use of sports drinks and gels
  • Body composition and weight management, including maintaining weight during potentially catabolic training programs
  • Strategies to avoid overtraining, balancing training and eating for sport with rest and repair
  • Injury and illness: working to support the immune system during exercise and reduce inflammation that impairs recovery from training and injury
Initial Consultation

75 mins - £60.00

Follow Up Consultation

40 mins - £40.00

Ongoing Monthly Nutrition Support

Monthly - £30.00

  • Skype consultations available
  • All consultations must be paid for at the time by cash or cheque