See below some of our testimonials.


Clare Parkin

Law Graduate & Exeter University Triathlon Club Captain 2014/15
After looking at Kevin’s experience in the sport of triathlon in both racing and coaching, as the Captain of the University of Exeter Triathlon Club, I thought he’d be the ideal candidate to take on the challenge of coaching us. This was to be no easy task since the club is made up of a very wide range of abilities, with many members never having trained for one of the sporting disciplines, let alone for all three! The club has never had a coach across all three disciplines, nor has a training plan ever been properly developed, so Kevin’s coaching and the specific plan he implemented has progressed the club in may ways; the profile and reputation of the club has been heightened. This has resulted in an increase of members and has helped to keep new triathletes engaged over a longer period of time. Along with this, the overall performance of the athletes in the club, in training and racing, has been constantly been improving throughout the year through Kevin’s coaching. For his swim sessions he used the swimsmooth technique and also provided video analysis for individual athletes, which helped athletes visually understand what changes needed to be made to improve the stroke. The clubs cycling has been improved through spinning sessions to simulate rides on the road, but Kevin additionally instructed us as to what types of rides on the road we should be doing. Our running was developed through very demanding track sessions, which helped progress not only our speed and endurance but also mobility.
Kevin has been an invaluable asset to the club this year and is always looking to offer advice and watch his athletes improve, regardless of their ability. He is very clear, knowledgeable and a motivating coach and his carefully developed whose training plan improved the club’s performance by ensuring that the athletes in the club peaked for the key races of the year and also established long term goals, which is the key to any training programme. Any aspiring triathlete will be in great hands having Kevin as their coach!

Oliver Teenan

Exeter University Triathlon Club Captain 2015/16
Kevin’s coaching from the Tri service has been invaluable to me as an athlete. I have seen improvements that I didn’t think were possible in a short space of time, especially with my swim. I have managed now to become a competitive Triathlete instead of just participating. Thanks to Kevin’s coaching I was able to win my first race and to finish third in my most recent race with a competitive field. Knocking 7 minutes off my sprint triathlon time overall.
Kevin’s technical knowledge and structured training plan have enabled me to swim faster with far less effort. He worked with me with paddles and with a camera to give and show technique improvements and to work out where I am able to make changes to improve my stroke. My bike strength undoubtedly and improved and running ability off of the bike. I can highly recommend Kevin as a coach and as a person.


Amy Hough

2nd Year Medical Student
I came to the triathlon club at university with the misconceived idea that doing three sports would mean everyone was a third as good at each of them, and being pretty hopeless at all of them, I thought this would suit me well. I soon obviously realised that was not the case at all but this did not change at all how welcoming and friendly everyone was if not a little suspicious, of the girl that turned up to bike rides wearing trainers with clip pedals, and who had never set foot on a track before. Kevin was really encouraging and seemed to enjoy the challenge of someone with no intentions of ever really doing a triathlon. In particular he transformed my swimming knocking minutes off my times and pushing me harder than I’ve ever worked in a pool with well organised sets. Using the trainingpeaks account definitely kept me motivated for 7am sessions and Kevin always commented on each activity uploaded with useful tips for improvement. I finished the year having completed a duathlon and the BUCS triathlon, which I never would’ve imagined, I even enjoyed bits of it!


Beth Joslin

1st Year Sports Science Student
My first year at university has been really busy and it’s been great being able to fit in training around everything else! Having a spin session and group bike ride as well as coached track and swim sessions every week allowed me to be well prepared for my first race. Kevin has been brilliant in physical preparation, coaching style and technique but also in giving advice from purchasing equipment to race tips. He has successfully formed training programs and sessions designed to continually improve our fitness, speed and strength. Being physically prepared meant that I thoroughly enjoyed my first triathlon where I competed with my university team at BUCS. Having the online training peaks website has been useful to keep on top of fitness targets during the holidays allowing me to be successful in my last competition at Blenheim Triathlon


Richard Wood

Just a note to thank you for my recent video swim analysis and coaching. I was totally unaware of the pause I had introduced into my stroke until you pointed it out! The swimming drills you recommended and subsequently coached me on made an immediate impact to my swimming pace. I’m confident I will be able to consolidate these improvements and reduce my swimming times considerably. Can’t wait to see the results. Thanks again


46 year old with a family of 5, and 7 bikes!!
Kevin has serviced our family bikes for two years. These range from my own high-end electronic ‘DI2’ Specialised Roubaix, to mountain bikes, through to my daughter’s university “hack”. For all these bikes he gives a fantastic level of attention to every detail, the big PLUS…at extraordinary value for money. My Roubaix was just 13 months old when Kevin first serviced it prior to a 150km Sportive, I thought I wouldn’t tell the difference as the bike was still pretty new…I could not have been more wrong. His deft touches and understanding of the requirement (he is a cyclist and sports coach himself) meant that the bike road like a dream, worth every penny. I would not go anywhere else. I go back to Kevin for all our bike servicing needs, big or small, he has never replaced anything that he could fix, and never sells my something I don’t need.
Great service, great value, and always there to give sound advice. He is open outside normal working hours and he has even picked up my bike and dropped it off afterwards! Try him out; I know you will be as impressed as we are!!


Hilary Davey

Sports Science Graduate
As a highly qualified and experienced triathlon coach, Kevin Rainford provides expertise across all three components, backed up by his personal participation in various triathlon and ironman events.
Kevin constructs session plans for swimming, running and cycling, adapted to varying abilities, which are challenging yet achievable. He coaches with clear instruction and enthusiasm, and uses both personal experiences and text book examples to further your ability and confidence.
Alongside this, Kevin complements his coaching with video analysis and feedback, going above and beyond to identify strengths and areas of improvement in athletes.
Whether you are hoping to enter your first event in the near future, or are an elite looking to shave off a second or two, you can put your trust in Kevin to help you achieve this.
Kevin has pushed me to both create and meet personal challenges, and enabled me to achieve things I never would have thought I could.
A personal goal of mine was to ride out to and climb Hay Tor on Dartmoor, and Kevin not only prepared me for this feat, but accompanied me on the ride one weekend. The route to Hay Tor was challenging in more ways than one; not only did it involve a serious amount of climb, but also was my longest ride to date. Having only ever ridden shorter routes, the 100km tour took me a generous length of time, and at points I felt there was to be no end to the journey! However, the scenic rolling hills and Kevin’s constant tips and pointers spurred me on. We arrived at Hay Tor, and attacked the gruelling ascent (one of us somewhat behind the other!). With each spin of my legs I felt no closer to the summit, but heavily pressed on. Seeing my dismay, Kevin, having reached the summit, doubled round and voluntarily attacked the peak for a second time!! He encouraged me and instructed me on better weight distribution to aid in the climb, so panting and gasping, I made it!!
Kevin’s expertise is not limited to coaching and performance alone; he makes his own sports energy drinks and bars (the peanut butter and jam rice puddings bars are fantastic!), provides excellent bike servicing, and is a font of knowledge when it comes to suggesting durable equipment which is worth your investment.
Possibly the most important trait of a good coach is to be approachable and friendly, and although his jokes aren’t brilliant, it is impossible to not get on well with Kevin.
Through his coaching, I went from a bored swimmer, to an enthusiastic triathlete, and entered my first sprint distance trialthon with Exeter University Triathlon Club. Kevin came along to support the team, and offered advice and assurance as needed. Having stuck to the training schedule, and put in the hours work, I was well prepared and the event went swimmingly. I even completed the run in record time for me, despite coinciding with torrential rain, hail and lightening! On crossing the finish line, Kevin exclaimed “that was horrendous!”, to which the surrounding competitors were aghast! Obviously, it was the horrendous weather conditions and not my performance that he was abating!
All jokes aside, by facilitating my participation in triathlon and creating numerous achievable targets, Kevin has provided me with the enthusiasm for decades of training and events, and the fun, friends and health which comes with it!